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Indiana State SAR District Vice Presidents and Chapters
Here are the decisions of the 31 July House of Delegates, concerning the District Vice President structure, and the realignment of Chapters.
  1. The House of Delegates voted to approve five (5) Indiana districts to replace the existing four (4).  See the attached map titled “Indiana SAR Districts”.
  2. The Indiana Chapters have been realigned to match the new District Structure.  Please see the file titled “Indiana SAR Chapter and District Alignment.”  This file is exported from the State Website.
  3. State Vice President Vink has written a job description for the District Vice Presidents.  Please see the file titled “Job Description – District Vice Presidents.”
  4. The District Vice Presidents have been approved by the House of Delegates and aligned with a District.  In addition, the State Color Guard Commander has assigned Area Color Guard Commanders to these same districts.  These assignments are:
    • District 1:  VP Steve Oberlin; ACG  CDR Jeffrey Stratton
    • District 2:  VP Pat Cave; ACG CDR (Vacant)
    • District 3:  VP Dr. Tom Whiteman; ACG CDR Mark Kreps
    • District 4:  VP Randy Helderman; ACG CDR Randy Helderman
    • District 5:  VP Allen Manning; ACG CDR Ed Hitchcock

Attached Files
.pdf   Indiana SAR Districts.pdf (Size: 1.68 MB / Downloads: 7)
.pdf   Indiana SAR Chapter and District Alignment.pdf (Size: 173.21 KB / Downloads: 5)
.pdf   Job Descripiton - District Vice Presidents.pdf (Size: 69.28 KB / Downloads: 4)
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