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250th Anniversary Medals

I have recently been in communication with the National 250th Anniversary Committee regarding the Bronze, Silver, and Gold 250th Anniversary Medals being awarded in the run up to the semiquincentennial. I would like to share some additional information and clarify some of the language that is on the medal application and points sheet. 

Any public event is eligible to count towards the medal, however it is necessary that there be some clear recognition of the 250th Anniversary for the event to be counted toward the point total. I was given some examples of ways to recognize the anniversary including the display of the 250th flag (available from the National Society), inclusion of the 250th Logo on any handouts of information from the event, making mention of the anniversary during the program, etc. As long as the 250th is recognized in some fashion, an event may be counted. If it isn't, the event cannot count. 

As an example: 2021 participation in the Shoals Catfish Festival Parade or the Gosport Lazy Days Parade in which the Color Guard carried the flag would count toward the medal. The Color Guard participating at Conner Prairie this year on July 4 would not be an eligible event as we made no clear recognition of the anniversary. 

Given that all compatriots have until 2033 to accumulate points for the bronze, silver, and gold medals, I'm optimistic we can have Indiana well represented among those earning the awards throughout the 250th celebrations. 

Very respectfully,
Jacob A. Vink
Vice President, Indiana SAR

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